I can’t travel. What else can I do during this pandemic?

Safe to say that 2020 has been the most challenging year yet. It has challenged all of us to focus on our health, to learn how to be alone, to find our own ways to speak up, to cope with losses. It has challenged us to grow.

At this moment in time (and probably for the first time ever in my adulthood!!), I’m taking a step back from browsing for plane tickets and encouraging others to step outside their boundaries by traveling. I’ve been quiet on my blog for a while, because to be honest, it’s been some pretty tough months having to un-do all the trip planning that had been going on for months. I was sad to step back from all the work that had been put into growing my business as a travel guru.

However I’ve come at peace with this and I am hopeful in the future. I know one day, I will be able to resurface and continue to spread my love and inspiration for others to see this world!

Until then, there’s a few things I’ve been doing to stay sane. I figured some of you may relate, so this time I’m sharing a piece of my non-traveling quarantine life and hopefully spark some new ideas for you.

Back in March, Gogi and I were in Brazil when COVID19 cut our trip short and we scrambled to get back to Texas. After 14 days of quarantine at an airbnb in San Antonio, we decided it was time for us to “get settled” and adjust our lives for the pandemic that was to come. We had been living out of a suitcase for a year and a half, so we did some hunting and finally took our belongings out of storage and moved to Austin, Texas. This is where we live today!

I have made it a point to focus on living in the present. This means finding ways to fill regular days with excitement and finding local things to do that are low risk and easy on the social distancing.

What can you do during a pandemic?

Here are 7 things you can do to get through this time —-

  1. Hunt for outdoor activities. There are so many watering holes in Texas that if you BYOT (bring your own tube), or kayak, or stand up paddle board, you can cool off from the summer heat and enjoy the fresh air.

    * I linked the inflatable two person tube + kayak + electric air pump + french oars we ordered and are happy with! Totally recommend if you want practical & portable options*
Lady Bird Lake, Austin, Texas

2. Make some of your favorite foods around the world from home. I’ve made (or attempted!) to make Chinese stir fry, Argentinean empanadas, French crepes, Mexican mole, Peruvian Pisco sours, etc. I did not even come close to spending much time in the kitchen before 2020 – but now it’s so easy to find recipes online that it’s always worth a try. Pick something and just do it!

3. DIY (do it yourself) home projects have become a big thing for me, specially since we moved to a new place and there was so much decorating that had to be done. If you are not on the creative side, there are YouTube/TikTok tutorials on sooo many things, it makes it easier sometimes to have a virtual guide. Since we love the sea so much, we decided to add some wall decor to our place with a virtual paint class!

date night at home = virtual Painting with a Twist!

4. Find virtual events to attend. This includes live music streams such as #SummerStageAnywhere or weekly Jazz Tx concerts, virtual dance classes like Esquina Tango in ATX, online meetup groups, or webinars. The internet is the limit X)

I’ve also become a huge fan of watching concerts in my living room!! Check out Shakira’s El Dorado world tour (HBO), Taylor Swift’s Reputation stadium tour (Netflix), or documentaries with live performances on bands like Coldplay and Bob Marley.

Latinoamérica en ATX 20s y 30s

Austin, TX
42 Latinos

¡Hola amigos! ¿Eres Mexicano, Dominicano, Colombiano, Argentino, Peruano, Cubano, etc?Queremos crear una comunidad latina en Austin para hablar español y compartir comida/mus…

Check out this Meetup Group →

5. Stare out somebody else’s window. Literally. This Window Swap project is the perfect for your second monitor. Physically in Texas but mentally in France. A little glimpse can transport you elsewhere!

6. Staying healthy is now a priority for everyone. Find ways to take care of your body by staying active! I have my off days (and weeks) sometimes. Not having a gym can feel like a limitation but it doesn’t have to be. At this point, I’ve tried so many things! Kayla Itsines‘ beach body workout. Peloton’s strength and bootcamp studio streams. 2 week booty challenges in Facebook groups. Personal blogs with weekly exercise routines.

I’m browsing for bikes so I can trade between running and riding in the evenings . It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it. Push yourself because nobody else is going to do it for you.

My sister and niece are my Peloton inspirations!

7. Take Monday or Friday off from work to plan a local weekend getaway. Whether it’s a hill country cabin stay, a West Texas glamping experience, or a lake boating or fishing trip – there are ways to safely indulge in a little escape. This is the only travel I am helping with and will work with you to create an unique plan tailored to you. If you need inspiration to get started – be sure to check out @mycurlyadventures — she created this incredible free virtual magazine 50 Texas Trips Under $50!

Staycation at Inspiration Hill, Fredericksburg, Texas

> Contact me if you’re interested in a Travel Guru Destinations local getaway edition trip! <

There are days that I miss travel more than others. But I’ve found that it’s all about the right attitude and a hopeful future. Stay safe, wear a mask & spread love!

– Your Travel Guru

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