3 Things You Should Know About Future Travel

Wondering when we can travel again? Do we have to wait for 2021 to reschedule a cancelled trip? When is it okay to start booking a new vacation? Do these questions stress you out like crazy?

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Now more than ever, we’re noticing how much people ignore the terms and conditions for do-it-yourself bookings. It has just made it that much HARDER to get your money back for cancelled vacations during this time.

We’re also learning how much TIME you have to spend to cancel a confirmed booking whenever it comes down to calling an airline, hotel, tour operator, etc. Anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 very FRUSTRATING hours later, you may or may not have succeeded in getting a cash refund.

COVID19 is certainly changing the future of travel in many ways. It breaks my heart as much as yours knowing that thousands of vacations had to be cancelled this year. I’m looking forward to 2021 travel as much as you! And as your travel guru, I’m here to remind you a few things:

  1. Travel vouchers can sneak away from you. Don’t let them expire! Merchants are constantly changing expiration dates. If you work with me, I’ll set up an expiration calendar with reminders for you to make sure you don’t miss out on the money you have already invested.

  2. Many countries are adding a mandatory Medical Declaration form to their entry requirements. I partner with iVisa to ensure that all the requirements are checked off the box to ensure a smooth entry into the country you’re traveling to.

  3. The travel industry is deeply impacted, some of your favorite places may not be able to open the doors again. Remember that boutique hotel from last year’s vacation? The tour operator that took you snorkeling or sledding through the snow? They are hurting. Here is what you can do to help: go back and leave experience reviews on Google Maps, their Facebook page, or Tripadvisor. Your kind words provide hope for their future!

And most importantly, don’t lose hope! I know there have been countless of you that have had to cancel their honeymoons, family and/or solo trips. By taking the proper measures, we will slowly come back strong but with an even greater appreciation for our world!

And remember, it’s ok to ask for help. Whenever you’re ready, you can always contact me to take care of re-booking a cancelled vacation! Or if you still have a future vacation on the books that you need to cancel, I can help with that too – even if you did not originally book it with Travel Guru Destinations.

Custom Umbra Mappit world wall map in our new apartment!

Below an excerpt that resonates with me from Travel Pulse: As Coronavirus Impacts Travel, the Benefits of Booking With a Travel Agent Become Clear.

“That’s where we come in. Your trusty neighborhood travel agent — as a millennial, I prefer “travel consultant,” thank you very much. Yes, we’re still here. The online travel agencies haven’t taken over the travel world quite yet. In fact, we are still here en masse. Contrary to popular belief, travel agents were seeing significant growth in recent years.

That is, until now. The steep decline in sales over the last couple of weeks is staggering and the cancellations are even worse. But here’s the thing. We are doing everything we can for our clients, regardless of our losses. That’s our job. That’s what we are here for. Arguably most importantly, we’re answering our phones.”

Click to read the full story.

Stay safe my friends!

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