This Is Why 2020 Will Be A Great Year

What’s new this year?
Traveling just got better! Thanks to our affiliation with Independent by Liberty Travel, we have access to special airline pricing. Contact me to request a free quote on your flights for this year!

What destinations are you adding in 2020?
We will soon be traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for Carnaval! We will spend a few months traveling to different cities in Brazil so we can add it as an official Travel Guru Destination. Stay posted on Instagram to follow our journey!

How many travel guru destinations are there?
I send you to countries I’ve traveled to myself to be able to better customize your experience. Check out my list of cities in over 42 countries!

Can you book cruises?
Yes, we’re affiliated with Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Disney Cruises and more! Reply directly to get started.

Cozumel Carnaval Cruise

What about Disney Vacations?
Absolutely! As a registered Disney Travel Agent, I can book for you Disney Cruises, Resorts & Parks. I’ve evolved my travel guru service to become a one stop shop for you.

Anything else?
I’m a dedicated trip advisor to make your life easier. I’m constantly sending people like you to travel & explore more! Eurotrips, honeymoons, bachelorette parties, family vacations… you name it. Make 2020 a year to remember!

It all starts with a travel guru request.

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