Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Partner

Have you heard that traveling with your boyfriend or girlfriend can be a deal breaker? Travel is a big test of any relationship. Traveling with your significant other can be super exciting (best case scenario) or super disappointing (worst case scenario).

These are the reasons why you should travel with your partner. I challenge you to try it.

You spend 24/7 with each other for a long amount of time. There are days that you might have a headache or tummy ache and not feeling 100%. There are times when you’re both lost, or hangry, or extremely tired. So why do I still highly recommend that you travel with your partner?

NYE’19 in the Dominican Republic

After 5 months of traveling together (with our furry friend Brodie), hear me out on the reasons why this is SUCH A GREAT IDEA!

This is your travel guru’s Valentine’s Day edition – coming to you with love from Colombia! (Check out the guide to Colombia here!)

Reasons Why You Should Consider Traveling With Your Significant Other

1.You create unique shared memories that will live forever in your hearts.

Floating hammocks in Tulum, Mexico.

3. You learn about each other’s personalities to create a travel routine that makes sense for the both of you. Who makes the coffee? Who plans the itinerary for the day?

2. You feel 3x safer as soon as you land in an unknown place when you have a companion.

4. You motivate each other to do adventurous things. Like take a super intense hike, go parasailing or try crazy new food.

Camelback Mountain hike in Phoenix, AZ.

5. You will have days were things don’t go as planned. You will learn how your partner reacts to difficult times. Better find out sooner than later so that you can deal with it together.

6. You appreciate spending a long period of time with each other and with fewer distractions. This leads to meaningful conversation and encourages you to say unspoken words out loud.

Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca, Mexico.

7. You step out of the ordinary routine and create excitement in your relationship by discovering new things together.

Dining in the dark in Las Vegas

8. You learn that it’s okay to travel together and let one another “do their own thing” too. Maybe one day you want to shop and he doesn’t. Maybe one day he’s up for a morning run, but you’re not. It’s okay to be separate at times. It’s healthy to be alone and have “me time”.

9. You become conscious of proper eating times and develop healthier lifestyles if you’re willing to adjust and/or encourage each other to eat better.

Gulupa, atemoya, lulo & pitahaya – Fruits of Colombia

10. You learn if your partner has similar values as you. Is he/she culturally sensitive? Does he/she respect a new city as if it was his own? If he/she friendly towards street merchants or taxi drivers? These things may seem silly at first, but in the long run, they matter.

As you can probably tell, I’m so so happy to be traveling with my partner and our relationship is 10x stronger after 5 months on the road. If you have a significant other, you can plan it right and experience traveling together too. It’s a great way of testing your compatibility levels and it teaches you more than you could have imagined about each other in a short period of time.

With that being said, I spent a significant amount of time traveling solo because I hadn’t found the right person to be with. I’m talking about years and years, so I have lots of experience in that area too. There’s great things about both types of traveling.

In the end, do what’s RIGHT FOR YOU, stay only in a relationship that is WORTH IT, learn to LOVE YOURSELF, and don’t be scared TO TRAVEL (whether it is alone or in a relationship).

As always, I’m here to answer questions, give my personal advice & plan your next romantic getaway! ( Or your next solo trip because you deserve that too 😉 )


Salma Travel Guru

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