10 Incredible (and Safe) Cities in Mexico To Visit

If you live in Texas, it’s basically guaranteed that you’ll have a Mexican friend that doesn’t speak Spanish, that you’ve heard a story or two about the dangers of crossing the border, and that your idea of visiting Mexico is limited to a cruise from Galveston to Cozumel and back.

It’s a sad reality that this can block out the idea on traveling outside your country to a place that’s only a short flight away.

But I’m here to encourage you, inspire you, challenge you. To step outside your comfort zone and learn about what you’re missing out.

As an ambassador to my country, I’m sharing with you our stops throughout our two month trip through Mexico this past year. I wanted to show my partner my country, my traditional food, the streets I walked when I was little, and new places I knew about but hadn’t visited yet.

We visited 10+ Mexican cities traveling with our dog, Brodie! IT WAS AMAZING!

We took rideshares, buses, taxis, ferrys, tour vans, you name it. We tried all sorts of food, talked to our hosts and business owners for local recommendations. We partook in all sorts of activities – and we had all positive experiences except one. I’ll share with you about that in a bit…

But I will emphasize – we were SAFE, nothing BAD happened to us, we were NOT KIDNAPPED, and we took the same precautions we would take in any other place we visit.

After reading this, I hope you consider adding one of these Mexican cities to your travel list!

And if you need help sorting out the details, I create start-to-end travel itineraries to include activities, transportation and accommodation for you. You just need to make the decision!

My list includes cities in the following states:

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 12.11.50 pm

10 Incredible Cities To Visit in Mexico:

(And of course there are many more that are not on this list that we didn’t get a chance to visit throughout our 2 months in Mexico!)

1. Playa del Carmen – Coastal Town, Caribbean Shoreline (Quintana Roo)

Same airport as Cancun but one hour South, you find a beach vibe similar to Cancun but without the exclusivity of the hotel zone. Things to do in Playa del Carmen include dining in an underground cave, jumping into 3D art, and enjoying the night life in Quinta Avenida. Also, best seafood ever!!

2. Tulum – Mayan Ruins, White Sand Beach (Quintata Roo)

Tulum is unique because of the Mayan ruins found along the shore. You must also stop at Azulik – a luxurious eco-friendly treehouse villa filled with hanging hammocks, dining nests, and breathtaking views.

3. Cancun – Beyond The Tourist Traps (Quintana Roo)

I have an entire travel guru guide to Cancun which includes where to go, what to eat and how to get around. Check it out here!

Cancun hotels booking.com

4. Isla Mujeres – Women’s Isle (Quintana Roo)

My favorite beach in the entire Yucatan Peninsula and only a 30 minute ferry ride away from Cancun. You can rent a golf cart to explore the 5 mile long island and soak up the sun at North Beach!

Isla Mujeres.JPG
Isla mujeres catamaran tour

5. Mexico City – Endless Things To Do, Something For Everyone (Mexico State)

Contact me to plan a detailed day to day itinerary for Mexico City!

Trip highlights include:

— Travel back in time to the oldest and most mysterious city in Mesoamerica: Teotihuacan.

— Visit the Lady of Guadalupe shrine and most significant pilgrimage site in Mexico, La Villita.

— Realize your Mexican dreams by drinking tequila and singing along with mariachis while floating through Xochimilco Lake.


6. Oaxaca City – UNESCO World Heritage Site (Oaxaca)

Oaxaca is also a very unique place to visit and top on my travel destinations. The type of trips I plan for others include these trip highlights:

—- Bike tour through historic UNESCO WHS centre, botanical gardens and up to the city lookout.

—- Swim cliffside in mineral pools at “Hierve el Agua”, Oaxaca’s natural petrified waterfalls.

— Oaxaca Culture Day: See the widest tree in the world, explore Mitla archeological site and meet local artisans that use insect and plants for natural dye textiles.

img_9725 (1)

7. Puerto Vallarta – The Most Pet Friendly City in Mexico (Jalisco)

Brodie loved Puerto Vallarta because he was welcomed everywhere! Puerto Vallarta sits mountainside next to the Pacific coast and is well known as the host for films and soap operas. It’s cobblestone centre and boardwalk make it a resort town and beautiful getaway.


8. Puebla City – 4th Largest City in Mexico at the Foot of Popocatepetl Volcano (Puebla)

It’s a stunning view seeing the volcano in the backdrop of this capital city. The colorful churches and the tunnel tour underneath the city make it an unique stop. Puebla is also known for the talavera tiles, homemade candy, and pottery masterpieces.

Puebla day trip from Mexico City

9. Mineral del Monte – Picturesque Mining Town Rich in Culture (Hidalgo)

This mountain town is close to my heart because its my grandma’s hometown and we go visit at least once every time I’m with them! It’s a small quaint town which gave silver to the Spaniards and then the English in the 1800s. And to this day, you can find the most unique silver jewelry in locally owned shops.


10. Huasca de Ocampo – Travel Back in Time to one of Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos (Hidalgo)

Another small picturesque magic town. This one is a great 1-2 day stop to visit the natural basaltic prisms of Huasca and the Hacienda Santa Maria Regla. Check out Maggie & Nils’ awesome guide to Huasca in Hidden Corners!


And since I promised to tell you… Do you want to know what was our worst experience throughout the 10 weeks we spent in Mexico?

Here it is..

They sold us watered down beer at the Shakira concert. Unacceptable!!! But I laugh now – it’s a fact that that was literally the worst experience we had in the two months we spent in Mexico.

Anyways. If you need more reasons to visit, see it for yourself! Watch my Youtube video to see the kind of experiences you can have in Mexico.. here is the birthday video I made for Gogi. The video will take you through our travel experiences in various cities listed in this article!

Which one of these cities caught your attention the most? 

Signed after booking our next flight to Colombia (!),

Salma Travel Guru


Are you ready to take a vacation? 

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