25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years

Today I’m thankful for another year of life! Take it for what it is – here are my words of wisdom that I’d like to share with you. After all, being a quarter of a century old is a BIG DEAL! 😉

  1. Age is just a number. I’ve been the youngest in a group or in a workplace many times. Don’t let a number dictate how you view yourself or how you measure your own success.
  2. Learn to love yourself, and you’ll find it much easier to love someone else.
  3. Family is important. Ask grandma about her childhood stories. Give your mom or dad a kiss everytime you see them. Plan a sister day. Don’t become “too busy”. Remember that life is fragile and not guaranteed.
  4. Saying that you’re too busy to do something is a total and complete excuse. You MAKE time for what is important to you. Always make time.
  5. Find a trustworthy, knowledage person and ask them for financial advice. Don’t let your savings just sit at the bank. There are CDs, money markets, mutual funds, and many other options out there that can grow your savings. Start asking. Hello adulthood.
  6. Be kind. To the janitor, the store clerk, the person that cuts your grass. Make no assumptions because you don’t know anything about their journey. Remember that a simple smile can brighten someone’s day.
  7. People won’t know your thoughts until you tell them. TRUST ME, I know It’s not easy letting someone else know how you feel. But it can save you months of games and chasing around. Cut to the chase.
  8. It’s okay to drink water at a bar or a party if you don’t feel like having an alcoholic drink. Your body actually loves water. Give it some love!!
  9. Spoil yourself. Even if you don’t have much money, you can find a Groupon for a massage or you can set some money aside for a mini shopping spree to buy yourself a cute date night outfit. You are worth it.
  10. It never hurts to ask – I would have never been to Japan, been published on a magazine, or gone skydiving had I not asked. Don’t let your pride eat away your opportunities.
  11. It’s refreshing and self empowering to travel alone, at least once. I was a solo female traveler many times and have treasured stories to share because of it.
  12. Read the news or catch up on the world. I read the Daily Skimm when I’m outside the country for a quick way to stay up to date on what’s going on.
  13. Take care of your body. I want to stay young forever (but since that’s not a reality), at least I do what I can so that 10, 20, 30 years from now I’m as healthy as I can plan to be.
  14. Don’t let Netflix take over all your free time. Use that time to find your passion instead.
  15. Expensive lipstick goes a long way! I personally love Anastasia Beverly Hills. It literally lasts all day. Shop Amazon here.
  16. Although there are days when it’s hard to START my workout, never have I ever said “I really regret working out” when I’m finished. Just do it. It feels good to feel healthy and strong.
  17. Be spontaneous sometimes! Plan a weekend trip. Try a new restaurant. Visit a friend. Life is short.
  18. People will come in and out of your life. Make a conscious effort to keep in touch with those that you have a special connection with.
  19. Master the art of serving as a listening ear and sharing your own lessons-learned with others when appropriate.
  20. Be resourceful not wasteful.
  21. Use social media for its good use – use it to connect with others and share your knowledge. Don’t use it to compare yourself to others or to put others down.
  22. Don’t litter. It’s one of the simplest things you can do to help make this world a better place.
  23. Give things a second chance. It may be an old friendship or it could be a certain food that for years you thought you didn’t like. You may surprise yourself.
  24. Don’t settle. If you are not happy in your relationship, don’t be in it. If you hate your job, look for a new one. Remember, you’re responsible for your own happiness.
  25. And last but not least….. You’re NEVER too young, old, timid, to TRAVEL AND EXPLORE! 🙂

What advice do you have to give to a 25 year old?

Signed on my 25th birthday,

Salma Travel Guru

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