30 Useful Travel Gifts Ideas For All Travelers

Do you have that friend that loves to travel? Is your sister getting married next year and taking an exotic dreamy honeymoon? Do you have already have a trip planned for yourself in 2019?! (I really hope the answer is yes to that last one!)

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve packed and unpacked. I’ve lived off of a suitcase for up to 6 months. I’m a bit more comfortable with the idea of packing in two weeks for a flight without a return ticket! So I’m going to share with you the items that make their way into my suitcase every time. They make really good Christmas presents 😉

Also, online shopping will minimize the time you spend in stores and in holiday traffic! It’s really a win win for you.

Here is a list of my personal recommendations for the best gifts for travelers. Check out the categories to find the best fit and click on the photos to buy!

For Anyone That’s About to Jump on a Plane

1. Simptech Inflatable Travel Pillow

^ I promise this is a game changer, specially for flights longer than 2 hours. I’ve gotten creative over the years to find ways to sleep on flights, and this pillow is one of the answers!

2. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle for Hiking, Backpacking, and Travel

^ Did you know you can save anywhere from $50 – $100 per week when traveling by using a reusable water bottle? This one removes 99.9% of waterborne parasites & bacteria from water sources. Time to fill up!

3. Yoobao Slim Portable Charger 10000mAh (Multiple Colors)

^ None of us want a dead phone as soon as we land or in the middle of touristing around. This portable power bank will fuel your phone up to 3 times. You’re welcome 😉

4. 5 in 1 Camera Lens Kit – Fisheye, Wide Angle, Marco, Telephoto, CPL

^ Now you can capture the amazing moment in front of your eyes. A lens clip-on for your phone allows you to freeze the moment and take it home with you. Small and compact, easy to pack with the case that is included in the bundle.

5. AVALOK Airplane Mode Sleep Mask

^ Grab your headphones, put on your eye mask, and forget that’s you’re in the air until landing. The eye mask helps you relax, block out the light, and forget your headache. Its carry pouch makes it really convenient too. Airplane Mode ON!

6. Universal International Travel Adapter Kit with 4 USB Ports

^ The world powers decided that we need different electrical outlets in different countries. For that reason, this one never leaves my suitcase! It goes with me no matter what. The USB ports allows charging multiple devices at once whenever you only have one electrical outlet next to your hotel bed!

7. Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

^ Who wants to pay overweight luggage fees? Not me! Some budget airlines will actually weight your carry on luggage too. It’s can be a pain if you’re not prepared. This luggage scale can be a big money saver when you learn to distribute out the weight.

8. Underwater Waterproof Phone Case

^ Headed to the beach? Water excursions part of your itinerary? I know that I still want to take pictures if I can! You have to admit those underwater photos are super cool. This case is well worth it. I always test them as an additional precaution, but I have never had any issues with my case.

9. Kipling Coin Purse (Various Colors)

^ You’ll find that in other countries, various merchants are cash only and don’t accept credit cards. What do you do with all the coins? It’s easy to throw them in a purse or have them hang heavy in your pocket. Instead of doing that, carrying a coin purse with you is much more practical!

10. Canway 65L Travel Duffel Bag, Foldable & Water-proof

^ If you’re anything like me, you’ll come home with way more than you packed with. It’s so hard to resist shopping from the local artisans and gems that you find! No need to buy an extra carry-on suitcase just to bring everything home. Instead, take this foldable weekender with you. It even has a shoe compartment if you happen to buy new shoes 😉

11. Sunbeam Portable Handheld Steamer with Travel Pouch

^ This is also a game changer! I don’t need to worry about only packing wrinkle-free clothes. It’s compact and light, and its super easy to use – once you plug it in, it takes less than a minute to start steaming. The easiest way to iron your clothes and walk around picture perfect!

For Couples That Travel Together

12. Personalized Passport Holder – Set of 2

^ I always travel with a passport holder and I never have to worry about where I put my passport! The personalized touch makes it a very special gift.

13. Wedding Honeymoon Luggage Tags – Set of 3

^ I own luggage tags so I don’t have to fill out the contact info using the airline’s tags every time. I don’t own these specifically, these are just a super fun gift for anyone that’s about to get married!

14. UGREEN Headphone Splitter Cord

^ This one is a game changer! I received this as a gift before our 10 week trip through Mexico, and Gogi and I loved that we could watch movies together during flights and bus rides. It’s the simple things.

For Those That Work While Traveling

15. Microsoft Wireless Mouse (Various Colors)

^Working 100% online now, I can tell you how extremely helpful it is to have a wireless mouse for my laptop. The trackpad is a bit of a pain when you use your laptop for hours. If you need a USB C to USB 3 adaptor for your MacBook, this 2 pack from Basesailor is sleek and works perfectly fine!

16. ENACFIRE Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Built-in Microphone and Charging Case

^ Gogi uses these for video calls, Spotify, Twitch, you name it. The charging case is perfect for on-the-go use at cafes or airports.

17. Tomtoc 360° Protective Laptop Case

^ This is my case for the MacBook Pro. The pockets have enough space to carry the charger, headphones, and more. The strap is quite nice to use too when lugging suitcases around.

For The Adventurous Travelers

18. ENO SingleNest Hammock

^ This one is for the hikers, backpackers, & solo travelers. Light and travel friendly. Time to ditch the tent and relax in a hammock instead!

19. Lightweight Waterproof Raincoat For Women (Various Colors)

^ Mother Nature doesn’t always play nice… a raincoat with a hoodie can be a lifesaver. This one won’t take much space in a suitcase either!

For the Ladies to Travel in Style

20. Vera Bradley Travel Jewelry Organizer

^ I can take my favorite rings, earrings and necklaces with me everywhere I go with this jewelry travel bag! So convenient to throw in my carry-on bag.

21. Raposa Elegance Sterling Silver Airplane Necklace

^ As you can imagine, one of my all-time favorite jewelry pieces. It’s one of my lucky travel tokens.


22. Rothy’s: Washable, Woven Flats & Shoes Made from Recycled Plastic

^ Comfortable and environmentally friendly investment. I average at least 10,000 daily steps when I’m in a new city – these shoes minimize the foot ache at the end of the day. Your feet will thank you.

23. NYX Professional Makeup Matte Black Liquid Liner

^ I put on my make up in the morning, and I have no need to retouch during the day. I’ve tried many waterproof eyeliners and have found this one to be very low priced and reliable! It stays intact even throughout rainy days.

24. Cover FX Translucent Setting Powder

^ Another makeup product that I love and can’t travel without. This setting powder never fails me – I apply it in the morning and voila!

For Those Traveling with Their Pet

25. TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash with Bag Dispenser

^ We travel with Brodie, so we know much about this. Strong dog leash, but the bone shaped plastic bag dispenser is the best part. No more embarrassing moments! The potty bags are 100% necessary to respect the area and pick up after your pet on the road.

SportPet Designs Travel Dog Crate with Wheels

^ We didn’t have this cage with wheels during our latest trip, and it was a bit of a hassle. The wheels are really the answer when you are traveling with your furry friend because we found a couple of airports that did not allow us to take Brodie out of his cage until we were outside of the airport. We’re excited to use this new cage when we travel to the Dominican Republic in a couple of weeks!

IDEGG Collapsible Silicone Pet Bowls – Set of 2

^ Nothing fancy, but these collapsible water and food bowls save us some space in Brodie’s travel bag! We use these at airports and parks – the clip on belt make them easy to carry with you. Traveling Brodie is a happy pup 🙂

To Relive the Adventure and Inspire Wanderlust at Home

Scratch Off World Map Poster – Travel Map with US States and Country Flags, Tracks Your Adventures. Scratcher Included, Perfect Gift for Travelers, By Earthabitats

^ One of the best gifts I could have received! It’s a beautiful wall decoration that inspires you to continue wanderlusting around the world. What a motivation to book the next flight and come home to scratch a country off your map!


29. Chatbooks App

^ Do you love to Instagram and Facebook your vacation photos? Chatbooks are 6×6 books created directly from your feed. Once you’ve posted 60 photos, they’ll email you to tell you that your Chatbook is ready, and you have 3 days to modify it before it ships to your home. Such an efficient way to save your memories forever! Download the App.

Discount Code: paahpow-EV7M

30. Globe Trekkers – Cork Globe With 50 Colored Pins

^ Pin point the cities that you’ve visited in your interactive cork globe. It’s quite the conversation starter!

Hope this list of holiday gifts makes your Christmas shopping a bit easier this year! Do you have questions on these products? Leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to give you my feedback!

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Signed before trying out IGTV for the first time,

Salma Travel Guru

*Disclaimer: Affiliate links included on this page will help me generate travel funds at no cost to you. I only recommend products that I truly believe every traveler should own. Thanks for looking!

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