The Truth Revealed: The 3 Reasons Why I Travel

We all have our own heartfelt reasons for traveling which change again and again according to our current emotions, hopes, life experiences. I finally asked myself, why is it that I’m all over the place, all the time?

Let me share with you a little bit about my past:

5 years ago, I traveled as a Terry Scholar, ISA, USAC, and UTSA College of Business student, curious and anxious to see the world outside textbook images.

4 years ago, I traveled to escape heartbreak and to make memories that no one could take away.

3 years ago, I traveled because I had fallen in love with the idea of creating a life elsewhere. I discovered the goodness of humanity, regardless of the country I step foot in, would fill me with joy and never-ending wanderlust.

2 years ago, I traveled out of a backpack, traveling alone to discover what it was truly like to be alone with yourself miles and miles away. I was the star of my own Eat Pray Love movie. I truly learned that happiness comes from within.

1 year ago, I traveled as a young professional, reuniting with lifelong friends whose life’s journey had introduced me to but parted us different ways.

Now? 2018?  I’m traveling for 3 reasons.

Reason # 1 –

I have my partner in crime who happens to be a loving and curious Dominican who embraces other cultures in the same way that I embrace mine. So I’ve started this latest great adventure by traveling with my boyfriend through various Mexican states. I’m introducing him to my home country, exploring places that I didn’t get a chance to appreciate as a child, and finding the most romantic places in the world with him. They say couples that travel together, stay together. 😉

Saona Island, Dominican Republic.

Reason #2 –

Living in San Antonio, Texas for 10+ years, there’s an interesting sentiment around visiting Mexico. I’ve lost count of the times I was told to “not get kidnapped” when I went home to visit my grandparents. While I believe one should ALWAYS be aware and street smart (regardless of the country you’re in), I’m starting my travel blog to share specifically this trip to INSPIRE others to plan a trip to Mexico.

Instead of relying on the media and on generalizations that are made, I hope you become more open-minded about visiting wonderful places that have been disregarded and really should be given a chance.  Is it safe to travel to Mexico? Yes! Read about it on my blog post. In the last two months, we’ve traveled to 10 Mexican cities and we’ve had nothing but positive experiences. 


I’m a global citizen now and first-generation US traveler. But ingrained in my roots, I will always be an adventurous and proud Mexican girl with dreams as big as this country. DON’T EVER forget where you came from! I challenge you to raise cultural awareness and share with others details about your respective home country.

Reason #3 –

This is week 8 of our travel through Mexico and SURPRISE! It’s not just Gogi and I, there’s three of us on this trip. Brodie is our sweet furry companion 🐶 , 3 year old Australian Sheperd and Corgi mix, and yes, he’s teaching us about international pet travel… Brodie has come with us on various flights, ferries, buses, taxis, ubers, you name it!

We’re on the quest to find the best pet-friendly locations to show you that you can travel and you don’t have to leave your dog behind. Check out my guide on Everything You Need To Know About Traveling With Your Pet. We’re not on vacation mode, we’re turning this into our lifestyle. 💻🌎✈

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Why do YOU travel? I’d love to hear your reasons for traveling with your dog, traveling with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or traveling alone. Honestly, I can relate. 😉

I’ve started this travel blog to inspire you to leave the comfort of your home, even just for one bit. Follow our adventure! Subscribe to have my blog posts sent directly to your inbox! 😊

Signed during Mexico’s celebrations for the Day of the Dead.,

Salma Travel Guru

b29a703a-aefc-4f0a-b6c1-97e164124855use my own experiences to be your travel guru.


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