Your Travel Guru

“How many days do I need in Paris? Should I go to Madrid or Barcelona? Where can I go to see the Northern Lights? Do I need a visa to go to Turkey? Where can I ride a camel in Morocco? I want to backpack South East Asia, where do I start?”

These are all questions I’ve asked myself before! I use my travel experience to create custom travel itineraries by providing you personal recommendations after traveling to 43 countries in the last 10 years! Having a travel guru means stress-free travel planning. You can rely on travel expertise and support from start to end.


How does it work?

1. Fill out this form to start planning your dream vacation.

2. I’ll provide you a proposed itinerary with the following:

  • Lowest fare/most convenient flights
  • Choice of accommodations
  • Activities for each day (personal recommendations!)
  • Transportation from city to city (flight/train/bus tickets)
  • Visa requirements (if applicable)
  • Custom packing list based on destination
  • List of must-try local cuisine

3. We’ll finalize your proposed itinerary until you are ready for take off. Remember, this is YOUR trip, so I’ll work for you to make it perfect!

How much does it cost to have a travel guru?

$150 per trip for up to 4 days (excludes honeymoons & group trips)

$250 for honeymoons, group trips of 4+ people, and for regular trips up to 10 days

$25 per day for 10+ days. $200 set fee for arranging pet travel

Additional benefits: Save you money with local deals and travel credits, reduce your pre-departure stress, minimize your personal time investment in vacation planning.

** I am not a tour company ** This is simply my passion!

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