About Me

My name is Salma (سلمى): meaning “to be safe, unharmed”.

I take the meaning of my name to heart- I fearlessly take on the world and search for trust, generosity and beauty in all places. It’s an easy search because I’ve found it in every place I’ve set foot in.  I strongly believe that being “elsewhere” is key to self discovery, growth, and affirmation in the goodness of humanity.

I’m 27 years young, born and raised in Mexico, business graduate and passionate world traveler. I’ve stepped foot in 43 countries!

Using my personal experience, I create custom travel itineraries for you.

The ultimate purpose of my travel guru service is to help YOU travel, and EXPLORE. I’ve traveled on a budget before. I’ve traveled solo through Asia. I’ve spent ridiculous amounts of hours researching my place of destination to ensure that I make the most out of every day I spent there. I’ve traveled relying solely on wifi, so I’ve created lists of must-see destinations for every country I’ve visited. I’m an adventurous eater, so trust me, I’ve done my research on local delicacies one must absolutely try! I’ve traveled with trains, buses, rideshares, ferries… If you have a question in mind, I’ve most likely already asked myself that same questions and have an answer for you now!

My promise is to take your pre-planning stress away so you’re ready for your dream vacation! Contact me to get started.

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